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There exists many international NGOs that perform exceptional and critical work on behalf of human rights issues. Many like Amnesty International and Oxfam provide much needed support and assistance to individuals and groups internationally. One such internationally recognized NGO is the International Alliance for Women. It was founded in 1904 and its mission is to "promote women's human rights around the world, focusing particularly on empowerment of women and development issues and more broadly on gender equality" ( In my opinion at the core of this organization is the inalienable rights of women, that is "full and equal enjoyment of human rights is due to all women and girls". For decades women have fought to be regarded…show more content…
In many regions of Africa it is still common to practice female genital mutilation and other forms of violence against women in patriarchal societies and through the IAW many women and girls have been saved from such mutilation. Other programs include the provision of contraceptives for women, in particular those in poorer undeveloped nations. Pre and post natal care as well as other programs which foster the development and growth of women in leadership roles and avenues for women to create and develop businesses. These programs and campaigns have fostered the growth of so many women whether tangibly through their successes or intangibly through their improved self confidence and belief to know they can do better and should expect better despite their past. It has empowered women to overcome boundaries decades ago were impenetrable. As with any other process of change, they too have encountered challenges. Some of these are the same obstacles they try to overcome; gender biases and discrimination. Others include effecting a change in the mindset of individuals and in gaining support for their cause in male dominated countries and cultures where it is the status quo for women to 'know their place' and stay at home and 'raise' the kids. They also face economic and political challenges from governments and corporations who still believe the best senior executives should be males as opposed to promotions based on
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