Amon Leopold Goeth And The Nazi Party

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Amon Leopold Goeth was born in 1908 in Vienna Austria. At the age of 24, he joined The Nazi party. In 1940, Amon Goeth became aMember of the Waffen-SS. He was assigned to the SS headquarters for Operation Reinhard in Lublin in German-occupied Poland in 1942. Operation Reinhard was the Plan to evacuate the Jews from the Ghettos in Poland to three death camps: Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec, all of which were in eastern Poland. Goeth 's first task was supervise The liquidation of several of the small ghettos in Lublin. The Jewish ghettos in Lublin were the first to be liquidated and some of the Jews From Lublin were the first to be sent to the Belzec extermination camp during Operation Reinhard, which marked the beginning of the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe." Goeth accepted bribes from some of the Lublin ghetto Jews during the selection Process, and put them on the list to be sent to a labor camp, rather than to the Belzec Death camp. In February 1943, Goeth received a promotion and became the third SS officer to hold The job of Commandant of the Plaszow labor camp. While he was the Commandant of Plaszow, Goeth was assigned to supervise the liquidation of the Podgorze ghetto on March 13, 1943, and later the labor camp at Szebnie. The liquidation of the Podgorze Ghetto in Krakow is shown in the movie, Schindler 's List. The ghetto scenes in the movie Were filmed in Kazimierz, another ghetto in Krakow.
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