Among The Hidden Analysis

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Among The Hidden Part 1: Among the Hidden is about a boy named Luke. He is what you would call a shadow child. Lukes mom was NOT supposed to have more than two kids because of government rules. She already has had two boys. Luke was a mistake, he has never had a birthday. Has never had to go to schools or make any friends. There was no one like him… or so he thought. One day he was home alone and he snuck outside. He noticed large mansions that were being built so more people could move next door. This meant that luke could probably never go outside without being seen. If he was seen this would mean that he would have to be killed. If this happened it would not be a good thing. Time skips ahead and all of the houses are built. He’s up in…show more content…
Something that I really liked was when luke felt all alone and one day he was just sitting in his room and seen someone and they became the best of friends. Another part of the booked I thought was nice was the relationship between Jen and Luke, they didn't know about it at first, but then their friendship grew stronger and stronger. Something else I liked was how they had to hide away from everyone because of the population police. How he had to survive without any light, sneaking outside and being stuck inside without having a real life. It was very interesting. Although, there was something I didn't like. I didn’t really like how sometimes in the book there was something I thought was interesting and it didn’t really last long enough or didn’t give much detail. For example, when Luke found out that Jen could do things he couldn’t . The author didn’t really explain it very much. But, other than those types of things, I thought that it was a really good book and I would recommend it to lower level readers and or in the middle type of readers. Those are some things I thought that were good and some things I didn’t like about the
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