Amorepacific Corporate Strategy

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A: Abstract and research question
This extended essay aims to answer the research question “How effective has Amorepacific’s joint venture in China been as a growth strategy?” This topic answers the business strategy of their company, as well as flaws and conflicts blocking their development. Focusing on the topic, I will be looking in the context of joint venture, marketing topic within the Business Management Syllabus. How Amorepacific has successfully gain profit from China through joint ventures but also loses their large spending power due to the North Korea and South Korea Missile Conflict. With an overview of the Missile Conflict, and the history of the company within the industry to better reflect and understand the current situation of the company. Additionally, knowing the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats (SWOT), to analysis their success, profits, and suitable growth options.
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The only concern for the cosmetics industry is on how products have only a short ‘life-cycle’ due to mass-customisation and the increasing amount of competition.
Overall, this essay concludes that Amorepacific international joint ventures have been their core development as to explore themselves into a different market as well as customers. With China’s huge economy, it will be a huge loss for them as to be known as Korean cosmetic industry due to the conflict. Hence, the implications of this would be how they would solve the problem, aid their financials and still bring sustain their company
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