Amory Blaine : A True American Character

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25 October 2014
Amory Blaine: A True American Character
One of the major characteristics of a great novel is its potential to depict characters that are representative of a specific society, its ideology, its conventions, and its worldview. Analyzing from the perspective of characterization, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “This Side of Paradise” should be considered as one of the greatest novels ever written in the realm of American literature because emphasizing on the development of the central protagonist’s character in the novel it can be found that it is a typical representation of the American ideology and the American philosophy.
The main character of the novel, Amory Blaine is the true representation of the frustrations and dilemmas faced by the American youths in the post-First World War American society. The central protagonists reflect all those obscurities that were actually faced by the American youth in the concerned period and that is one reason why the character of Amory Blaine can be considered as a typical American one. One must note that Amory Blaine “stands for the All American young man, feeling disillusioned and alienated in his own country, in the aftermath of World War 1” (“This Side of Paradise, OR, The Dark Side of the American Dream in the 20s”). The 1920s were a time of contradictions for myriads of Americans. On one hand, this was the time when America was roaring forward towards the path of
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