Amos And A Sinful World

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Amos and a Sinful World
Throughout Israel’s history, they have been oppressed by many of the larger powers in the areas they are in. Take the Israelites interactions with the Egyptians, for example. Generations after Joseph’s death, the Egyptians forgot the reasons why the Israelites were in Egypt in the first place. They took advantage of the large population of the Israelites, oppressing them by forcing them to do manual labor for Pharaoh and implementing a blanket infanticide of their sons to keep the population from growing too large. God then delivered the Israelites from Egypt through the God-directed work of Moses, gradually drawing them closer to Him as He provided for them and showed them His love. This intimate relationship with God is the trademark of a period of prosperity for the Israelites as long as they relied on God. However, once the Israelites become distracted and wandered away spiritually, they consistently saw periods of defeat in battle and oppression by outside sources that consistently end once they return to God and His ways again. It is not until Israel rejects God as their king and puts a human in His place, when Israel sees oppression from both outside and inside sources. The outside sources come from the surrounding peoples, like the Philistines, the Moabites, the Edomites, and so on. The inside oppression, however, stems from the Israelites themselves. This is where Amos, a prophet of God, comes in. Amos is alive after the time of the unified
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