Essay about Amphetamines: Recreational or Instrumental

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Everyone has his or her own opinion about drugs. Recreational drug use is using an illegal drug to get high. Instrumental use can be described when a person uses the same drug to achieve an effect to complete a task. Society has had many different views about drugs, and has changed its view many times throughout history. Today, we are facing a war on drugs, drug cartels, drug abuse, prison overcrowding and many others. All these have roots with drugs. There are always two sides to every story, and I will show that the use of amphetamines is both recreational and instrumental, and using it prescribed, recreationally or instrumental can have less desired effects according to research. Everyone has a choice when it comes to drugs in the…show more content…
He delivers food to our grocery stores or medicines to our pharmacies anytime, anywhere. He has to make money, and stay on the road so his family can eat, and have a nice Christmas. Thousands of miles, and day after day he keeps moving. At some point, he decides to take some amphetamines to drive the extra 500 miles to surprise his kids for the weekend. We know what drugs can do to us and as stated above, especially amphetamines. His ends justify the means in his mind. Anyone with family and has been away for along time can understand. His family is happy to see him and surprised, the children have a nice Christmas and he feels he is doing the right thing.

A recreational user on the other hand could use the very same drug to produce a very different outcome. The person wants to get high from the effects of the drug. Let us take this example of a college student who has just moved to town. He becomes very popular, he attends other parties within a few weeks but he still does not know many people. The only person he does know has amphetamine. He tells the young student that it is great for parties, and he will have a lot more fun. The young student takes the amphetamines and finds himself very talkative and meeting new people. He is very energetic and is having a great time. After the party, the young student always takes amphetamine to parties because of the feeling he experienced from the first time from the drug. He uses the way he feels for recreation.
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