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AMREF Case Study Review
Providing public health services to all people around the globe has long been a goal of mankind. As humans, we strive to live healthier lives that are longer and more enjoyable. Taking a community-based approach to health care has proven to be an effective method towards reaching this goal. To demonstrate how this approach can achieve this, this paper will examine the health case study of the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF). This will be done by reviewing the strategic thinking involved, discussing any health and social policy development seen, and discussing successes by this organization that can be used in my local community.
AMREF History
AMREF was started in 1957 by three surgeons who had seen the devastating effects that the combination of poverty, disease, and lack of health care were having in East Africa. Together, they determined that the only way to provide health services to those in need was by plane (Amref, 2017). While they were able to help many people, they soon realized that the occasional visit to address issues were not enough to address the health issues of the community. They determined that getting these rural communities involved was vital to improving
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These methods can also be used to improve public health in other communities as well. The most important lesson I take away from this examination is the effect that community involvement can have on improving public health. The success of programs in my community will have a much better chance of success if the public is actively involved. Any public health initiatives in my community should use a strategic thought process to ensure that methods are effective in addressing the health issue that they address. These programs should also attempt to educate and empower people to ensure they have the proper tools to be
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