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The Two Faces of Amsterdam The city of Amsterdam, Netherlands is like a two-sided coin, with each side appealing to two very different types of people. On one side, people see Amsterdam as a mecca for decadence highlighted by its pervasive drug culture and brothels in the red light district both of which are a product of its liberal and permissive way of life. But the other side of this metaphorical coin displays the fascinating culture, history, and lifestyle only found in the Dutch capital. Unlike other national capitals, the city is less known for its politics and government, and more for its historical sites, since the national government is based in a city separate from the capital. Having a long history as the Dutch capital, Amsterdam currently draws tourists from all over the world, and its plethora of museums, historical sites, architecture and unique landmarks will most likely continue to make it a prime cultural destination. The country of the Netherlands derives its name from half of the…show more content…
However, its ability to do so at its current rate is questionable. Being built on a swamp, Amsterdam has the majority of its buildings on wooden or metal poles. Over a long period of time, the durability of these structures will decrease over time as they deteriorate. While scientists do not know exactly when it will happen, they estimate it will be sometime in the near future (Beautiful Amsterdam, Built on Poles). Aside from this, Amsterdam is one of the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands. It has a population growth rate three times faster than the country as a whole, which could prove problematic if this is not thoroughly addressed through expansion of the city (World Population Review). Regardless of some of the unknowns in its future, Amsterdam, Netherlands will always remain the central hub of Dutch lifestyle and
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