Amsterdam Island Research Paper

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Amsterdam albatross has shown a steady decline since a massive environmental threats such as the introduction of other species that have continually damaged its habit. While that problem has lessened considerably but recent issues of diseases carried by other marine birds have continued to destroy the population. Scientific research has detail that the only population of this part of the albatross family lives and breed on the island called Amsterdam Island. With all these factors taken in along with the staggering small population of about a 100, the IUCN has classified them as Critically Endangered since 1994. With the such a small population, residing on one island and spreading of various diseases the chances of its survival are at best being very slim to its extinction being inevitable.

Amsterdam albatross, or called by it's scientific name of Diomedea amsterdamensis (Figure 1) are part of the Albatross family and are know classified as critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Amsterdam Albatross is much like the Great Albatross in terms of looks, but differ in the brown color of plumage than the typical white. This subspecies of Wandering Albatross are weighed at 8 to 11 pounds, 42 to 48 inches long and 110 to 130 inch
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Though recent satellite footage and picture form bird photographer has showed sightings Australia, New Zealand, and the Western Cape of South Africa. Based on census in 2011 the populations in Total are 170, with 100 of those being mature. While this is an increase from before 1998 where it struggled to have more than 50 mature individuals, its overall status in terms of population is a declining one. Many of the major threats of time such as from the introduction of cattle to current day facing the spread of diseases like avian
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