Amt Task2

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Valerie Johnson
AMT2 Task 2
Western Governor’s University
May 1, 2014

Trinity Community Hospital conducted a focused community health needs assessment centering on cancer, orthopedic and cardiovascular services. The information was obtained through a multitude of sources including: epidemiological surveys, focus groups, interviews with healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities’ planning guidelines.
Risk Factors
Oncology Services The needs assessment revealed that 15% of the population will be older than age 65 within the next 5 years. 50% of men and 33% of women are expected to develop cancer during their lifetime. New cases of cancer are expected to grow by 34% in the next 5 years.
Current physician practices that
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Angioplasties are expected to increase by 25.8%. There will be a need for additional catheterization labs, surgical suites and expanded cardiac rehabilitation programs. There needs to be better coordination of care to ensure timely scheduling of procedures. Education programs need to be developed emphasizing cardiac risk factors, healthy living and lifestyle modifications.
Addressing Needs
Trinity Community Hospital currently does not have any formal oncology, orthopedic or cardiology programs in place.
Trinity, currently is not addressing the needs of the community in regards to oncology services. There are no oncologists that practice at Trinity Community Hospital, but there are physicians who have expressed interest if a program was developed. The physician groups that offer oncology services are at their capacity. The hospital currently does have imaging services, including a MRI scanner. Additionally, the hospital has a mobile PET scanner 2 days per week. Trinity Community Hospital currently does not have any chemotherapy units or nurses that have experience with chemotherapy. While, the other 2 hospitals in the area have cancer programs, there are no coordinators in place to facilitate the scheduling of patients. The care of oncology patients is fragmented. Currently there are no prevention programs in place. There are educational programs in place, but they are not offered frequently.
Orthopedic Services Trinity

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