Amusement And Leisure Industries And Indoor Playground Sector

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AMUSEMENT AND LEISURE INDUSTRIES OR INDOOR PLAYGROUND SECTOR Amusement centres include indoor play centres, amusement machine centres, mini-golf centres, go-kart venues and similar operations. At the end of June 2001, there were 288 businesses operating amusement centres in 384 locations. Most operations (236) were carried out at in capital cities and suburbs. Of the 384 locations, more than a third (138) were amusement machine centres. The amusement centres employed 2,793 people, the majority (61%) working on a casual basis. Total income recorded for 2000-01 was $137 million, of which more than half ($73 million) was received as takings from coin operated amusement machines. Other major income sources were playing fees/admissions ($42 million) and sales of goods ($17 million) (Year Book Australia, 2006) Kids indoor play centre is a fast growing sector. Besides having a good time, there are many benefits to children to be involved in active play. Studies have shown that it is also a major factor in the appropriate mental, social, emotional and physical development of children. When children are engaged in play, they are presented with various situations, interactions and challenges. (Cabin fever, Children’s recreation centre business plan, 2016). Studies show that children today are less active and less fit than they were five years ago, probably due to a marked increase in the time they spent in front of television, on video games and consuming high calorie-high fat

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