Amy And Lin Have Recently Become Friends After Working

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Amy and Lin have recently become friends after working together on a project at work. They often accompany each other to get coffee at a nearby cafe on their breaks and sometimes on the weekend. Although Amy and Lin tend to get along quite well with each other, from time to time their views on certain ethical topics conflict.
SCENE: Cafe near their workplace on a weekend
AMY: It’s quite rare for you to be late to our regular coffee dates.
LIN: I’m sorry about the wait. I didn’t know that there was going to be a LGBTQ parade taking place today so I wasn’t expecting many of the roads I usually take to become blocked off.
AMY: No wonder there’s such a raucous outside.
LIN: I actually think they’re all …show more content…

Therefore, religious reasonings against same-sex marriage should not be considered in the legalization of same-sex marriage. Can we agree then to not use religious beliefs in our discussion?
AMY: Yes, I agree.
LIN: Now, I am referring back to your comment before about same-sex marriage being wrong. Could you expound on how exactly it is wrong?
AMY: Well, is marriage not supposed to be made between a man and a woman?
LIN: Technically, marriage by definition is the formal and legal recognition of the union between two people who have an intimate relationship as partners. It is not necessarily required that marriage be exclusively between a man and a woman.
AMY: Regardless, the union between two men or two women is unnatural. You cannot deny that traditionally marriage has only been between a man and a woman. It has been that ways for many years and to include gay marriage would change the meaning of marriage.
LIN: I concede that by legalizing same-sex marriage we would be changing the meaning of marriage as we are expanding it to include same-sex marriage. However, the concept of “traditional” marriage has never existed. This concept of marriage that we think of is simply a societal concept we have created ourselves and added meaning to. What we consider to be marriage today contrasts radically from what we considered to be marriage before. Centuries ago, marriage oftentimes involved a man and many women. Later on it became more common for marriage to occur between

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