Amy Carmichael: Someone Who Gave Their All for the Lord

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Amy Beatrice Carmichael is an amazing example of someone who gave their all for the Lord. She did things that no one else could or would do. She showed Christ to some of the important little world, children. Amy grew up, lived an amazing life, and went to be with her Lord. Amy Carmichael was born on December 16, 1867 in Millisle, Northern Island into a Christian home. She was born the first of six siblings, Amy, Norman, Ernest, Eva, Ethel, Walter, and Alfred. The family was not sentimental at all in their love, but the children knew exactly what was right. In their eyes, right was right, and wrong was wrong. They knew that their parent's word was law. They also knew that if they did not follow that law, they would get some kind of punishment. Most of the time it would be one of these five: standing in the corner, forbidden to go play, slapped, pandied, which is being slapped in the hand by a flat ebony ruler, or given Gregory powder. Even though they were held in strict compliance to rules, they were a highly religious family. Every night everyone in the family had to attend devotions. They went to church on Sundays and Wednesdays. It was very obvious that Amy knew that Jesus answers prayer because at the age of three years old she learned a lesson from praying that she would never forget.
“Just a tiny little child Three years old,
And mother with a heart All of gold.
Often did that mother say,
For He's never far away And He always answers.

Now that tiny

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