Amy Cortez Change Analysis

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The two parts of the work together are titled ‘Change’, created by Amy Cortez. The skull on the first butterfly is an odd contrast to the overall figure. The work is very colorful and bright. The second butterfly is monochrome and flat, and hangs on a string from the ceiling.
The first component of the work is a butterfly shape with a raised neon green and orange skull in the center. It is in a black frame with a black background. Colorful patterns radiate out from the skull onto the wings, first into leaves, and then to looping, wavy shapes. The leaves and skull are shades of green, and the other colors are yellow, blue, pink, brown, and red. Small, repeating dark green semicircles outline the butterfly and extend to the black background.
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They do not attempt to represent these things as they are in nature, but still use recognizable shapes to signify them. The colorful butterfly is a collage made of fabric paint, ribbon, and textured paper. On the colorful butterfly, the skull is meant to draw attention, as it is in the center of the work, slightly raised, and is different colors than the wings. The irregular lines and organic shapes of the patterns radiate out from the skull, guiding the eye to the butterfly outline. This butterfly is the plate used to create the second. The second, with an absence of color, gets the viewer’s attention with its unusual placement. It contrasts the first butterfly in both color and material. The eye is drawn to the darker elements in the center and the border.
The butterfly is often used as a symbol of rebirth, which connects with the title of “Change”. The raised skull of the first butterfly evokes death, but its bright, cheerful colors and central position seem to suggest that ‘death’ in this work is not to be feared, and is even necessary. The second butterfly, hanging freely from the ceiling, is noticeably different from the first, again invoking the idea of change. Change here is then often painful, but it is needed and can even be
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