Amy Foster

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Amy Foster is a short story written by Joseph Conrad which portrays the experiences of an immigrant. As for the reader, the passage is read from the immigrant’s point of view. Although the character Amy may have some effect on the reader but Yanko is the central character in which the story revolves around. As I was reading the story many flashback of my childhood came to mind in which affected my interpretation of the story.

Personal context is a powerful tool that can enhance the way readers interpret pieces of literature especially ones that touches on problem we face today in this world. As for me I look at this story in the eyes of a Christian, yanko went through a lot, he had shipwreck accidents, humiliation, and being rejected, but he survived. Not only did he survived he forgave the people who wronged him in the process. I could connect with this,
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The story of Amy Foster allowed people from varying backgrounds to connect with the story. A major literary device in connection with interpretation: symbolism. The main characters: Yanko and Amy represent the facets of the multiple groups of people. For example, Yanko’s difficult journey to England is symbolic from the perspective of immigrants, which represents the intensity of living in another country. More importantly, his difficulty in speaking English brought a message: the challenges of immigrants’ to balance retaining their native mother tongue/language(s) and the language they have settled in. Additionally, Yanko’s forgiving nature and his willingness to forgive others who have wronged him are symbolic of the Christian theological process of forgiveness. Finally, Amy symbolically represents social isolationism, in the aspect that she never discloses beyond her living points. Overall, the interpretation goes beyond the average reader to a global phenomenon, ranging from Christian, immigrant, and all walks of life known through the lens of the
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