Amy Parker Parents Vaccinate Children Case Study

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Should Parents Vaccinate Their Children? Amy Parker was born in 1977, she labeled herself as, “a 70s child of a health nut” (Parker). She grew up unvaccinated but decided to vaccinate her children due to the health complications that she grew up with. She grew up on a strictly organic diet, played sports, and played outside like a child would. Parker seemed to have had a very healthy lifestyle, one that would not be so prone to illnesses that could easily be prevented. During Parker’s childhood, she has contacted measles, mumps, rubella, viral meningitis, scarlatina, whooping cough, chickenpox, several accounts of tonsillitis, and was diagnosed with precancerous HPV in her twenties. Amy Parker explains that her children also grew up on an organic, healthy diet, were vaccinated, and are healthier than she had been her whole life. Parker says, “Those of you who have avoided childhood illnesses without vaccines are lucky. You couldn’t do it without us pro-vaxxers. Once the vaccination rates begin dropping, the less herd immunity will be…show more content…
As of 2013, 95% of children were vaccinated against preventable diseases. The other 5% are unvaccinated and still growing in some states, such as Oregon with more than 6% (CDC). Idaho, Michigan, and Vermont have unvaccinated children anywhere from 5.1% to 6% (CDC). For the safety and health of future generations to come, parents should highly consider using available vaccinations for their children due to not only the fact that they create herd immunity for those who are incapable of receiving vaccines but also because of their ability to prevent children from contracting diseases and have shown qualities that have a chance to eradicate some of
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