Amy Tan Mother Tongue Summary

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Novelist Amy Tan, in her essay “Mother Tongue,” addresses the language barrier that her mother had that limited her prosperity. we are informed about the difficulties her mother experienced because of the way she spoke english and the prejudice she faced although,She did not think her mother’s language was a problem but to others it somewhat hinders her ability to excel in her everyday life. Throughout out the story, Tan explains the different Englishes that she comes across. First, when she is at home with her family she approaches that “limited english” then there’s the “standard english” that she was taught. Tan’s purpose is to share with others the experience that she had growing up with her mother that did not speak English precisely, and how her mother was treated in a different manner. All through the story Tan mother stayed true to herself as Tan described the different views her mother apprehend. Tan executed her message in “Mother Tongue” by adopting an informal and nostalgic tone to those who have families with a second language that creates difficulty for them to succeed. Her effectiveness in the essay includes the use of symbolism, pathos, and logos to illustrate her mother’s experiences throughout her life.

Tan opens her discussion by acknowledging that she is not a “scholar of English or Literature”but then says “I’m a writer” this contrast allows the audience to see how Tan is not very sturdy in English but she still compare herself to be a writer. She
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