Amy Tan 's Mother Tongue

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In the essay “Mother Tongue” Amy Tan, the author, gives a different, a more upbeat outlook on the various forms of English that immigrants speak as they adapt to the American culture. Using simple language to develop her argument, she casually communicates to the audience rather than informing which helps the audience understand what is being presented at ease. Her mother plays an important role in her outlook of language, because she helps her realize that language not only allows one to be a part of a culture but create one’s identity in society. Amy Tan shares her real life stories about cultural racism and the struggle to survive in America as an immigrant without showing any emotions, which is a wonderful epiphany for the audience in realizing how a non-native English speaker handles everyday situations. Through the effective use of rhetorical devices and the mindful organization of this essay, Amy Tan persuades the audience to keep an open mind about the topic. The audience that Amy Tan is trying to reach with her message in the essay includes many types of people. One group that this essay addresses is those that speak “broken” English like her mother. They are the people that are looked down upon intellectually in the community. Another group of people that is being addressed consists of people that do not sympathize with or have misunderstanding of non-native English speakers. Also those that are like Amy Tan, who help the “broken” English speakers resolve any
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