Amy Tan 's ' The Joy Luck Club And The Kitchen God 's Wife ' Essay

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Jonathan Nguyen Period: 3A February 25, 2016 LWA: Amy Tan Born on February 19, 1952, in Oakland, California, Amy Tan is introduced to the world as an American novelist. Amy Tan is known for being a worldwide artist, as she published two of her famous novels, The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen God’s Wife. Often, people would think that successful people had a great start at a young age; yet, Amy Tan had experienced a rough childhood until she later became successful. Both of her parents, John and Daisy Tan, are Chinese immigrants at the time she is born, since they were fleeing the war back in China. As Tan grows up, her parents and Chinese culture are a large influence in her life. Amy Tan, whose name is An-Mei in Chinese, is expected to earn good grades and follow her Chinese heritage from her parents. As time passed, many hardships came to light, as her beloved father and her older brother died of cancer, 8 months prior to one another when Amy was 15. With the death of her father and brother, her own relationship with her mother crumbles. Additionally, with the American influence towards Amy, her mother was disappointed towards her, for she knows that Amy is forgetting her own Chinese culture; despite the efforts of her mother trying to force her to follow the past traditions. Later in life, Amy pursues to become a writer, for she secretly dreamt of becoming an artist. Her mother did not live to see all of the accomplishes Amy Tan did, but before she died, she was proud

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