Amy Tan's Mother Tongue Essay

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Amy Tan's Mother Tongue The Essay written by Amy Tan titled 'Mother Tongue' concludes with her saying, 'I knew I had succeeded where I counted when my mother finished my book and gave her understandable verdict' (39). The essay focuses on the prejudices of Amy and her mother. All her life, Amy's mother has been looked down upon due to the fact that she did not speak proper English. Amy defends her mother's 'Broken' English by the fact that she is Chinese and that the 'Simple' English spoken in her family 'Has become a language of intimacy, a different sort of English that relates to family talk' (36). Little did she know that she was actually speaking more than one type of English. Amy Tan was successful in providing resourceful…show more content…
This essay could very well be aimed toward people who have to take care of their parents, as if they are exchanging rolls with their parents. A lot of the time Amy had to handle situations, at a very young age, where she was the middle person between her mother and another person who did not understand anything her mother was saying. Reversing rolls with the parent can have a heavy impact on a child?s life. I don?t feel Amy needed to be introduced to something like that at such an impressionable age. As a parent, Amy?s mother should have taken a stand and practiced her English to better herself and family. I feel that during that time, there were not a lot of options for her mother, and she did the best she could, but could have improved on this situation. Amy Tan?s purpose in the essay is to inform and express her beliefs and new discovery of the language of intimacy. She wants to provide this new innovation of language and closeness it creates within the family atmosphere. She wants to acknowledge that people who speak broken English are often misrepresented by their tongue as being a dense individual; an unintelligent person. This is a very common misconception by people; don?t let the language fool you. Providing the subjective point of view, it is clear that Amy feels very strong and passionate with the connection to her mother. She has a very strong advantage that
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