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Amy Witherite - Why I Do What I Do
One of the first questions most people ask Amy Witherite when they meet her concerns why she does what she does. In other words, why did she become an attorney and then specialize in truck wrecks? For Amy, the answer is not as simple as saying she always wanted to be a lawyer. In fact, she never wanted to be a lawyer at all. The story of how it happened starts with going to college on a swimming scholarship.
Going to College
Amy was raised in Fort Worth, TX where she not only excelled at school but also became one of the top ten women's swimmers early on in college. This earned her a notable scholarship, one that she was not really sure what to do with as she had no clear picture of what she wanted to do
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Joan insisted that Amy sit the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). The only problem with this was that the test was coming up in two weeks, leaving Amy no time to study. A fact that Amy was only to eager to point…show more content…
Relenting, Amy not only took the test but passed with flying colors. Amy went on to receive her Law Degree from the Texas Tech School of Law and went to work with one of the largest and oldest law firms in the state in 1993.
Striking Out on Her Own
Two years after going to work as an attorney, Amy founded her own practice as an insurance defense lawyer. In 2001 Amy Witherite and Brian A. Eberstein founded the law firm of Eberstein Witherite LLP. This new law firm specializes in providing exceptional legal representation for those who call Texas home and have been injured in a wide variety of motor vehicle accidents. Among the many legal representation services offered are:
• Auto Accident: specializing in helping the injured recover maximum compensation
• Truck Wrecks: Ensuring victims receive the appropriate compensation in what can often be catastrophic accidents.
• Drunk Driving Wrecks: Making sure that the drunk driver is held responsible for his actions according to the laws of Texas.
• Motorcycle Wrecks: The majority of motorcycle wrecks are caused by others in larger vehicles. Recovery includes maximum compensation for what are often serious injuries.
• Bodily Injury: No matter what type of motor vehicle accident, it is important for victims to be properly
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