Amylase Is An Enzyme Commonly Found In Human Saliva. It

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Amylase is an enzyme commonly found in human saliva. It is used to catabolize starch into glucose and maltose by lowering the activation energy barrier, and by breaking the alpha 1-4 bonds of amylose and amylopectin and the alpha 1-6 bonds of amylopectin. Amylase is found in one’s saliva and pancreas, and Porcrine Pancreatic α-Amylase is amylase that has been isolated from the pancreas of a pig. While amylase is effective at breaking down starch, in the normal saliva pH range of 6.02 to 7.14 (Schmidt-Nielsen, 1946), any pH environment outside of this range will decrease the reaction rate. The same goes for the temperature of the amylase’s environment. At a normal body temperature of around 37°C, the amylase functions at its fastest rate…show more content…
Through this experiment we found this prediction to be true; even though there is no true consensus on the exact optimum pH for alpha-amylase activity, all of the sources place it around 6.00 or 7.00.
Materials and Methods First, six different buffers were used and 5 mL of each buffer was added to six different test tubes. The six buffers were as follows: pH 4.00 was Potassium Biphthalate (Item # 280-4.00), pH 5.00 was Potassium Biphthalate/ Sodium Phosphate (Item # 280-5.00), pH 6.00 was Potassium Phosphate/ Sodium Phosphate (Item # 280-6.00), pH 7.00 was Sodium Phosphate/ Potassium Phosphate (Item # 280-7.00), pH 8.00 was Sodium Phosphate/ Potassium Phosphate (Item # 280-8.00), pH 9.00 was Sodium Bicarbonate/ Sodium Carbonate (Item # 280-9.00). All of the aforementioned hydrion buffer salts were obtained from Micro Essential Laboratories in Brooklyn, NY. Secondly, 1.5 mL of a 1% w/v α-Amylase solution from porcine pancreas, Type VI-B, ≥10 units/mg solid, from Sigma-Aldrich in St. Louis, MO, (Item # A3176-500KU) was added to each test tube, and the solutions in the test tubes were mixed. Next, 100 μL of 2% Iodine Solution, I2KI, from Carolina Biological Supply Company in Burlington, NC (item # 869093) was put into wells in several rows of seven different
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