Amyris Bioechnologies Case Study

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Student Self-administered case study The internal environment ‐ THE STARTING POINT FOR STRATEGY FORMULATION Case summary: Case duration (Min): Strategic Management (SM) Organizational Behaviour (OB) The internal environment Organization culture 45-60 Worldwide Business success can be realized by focussing on the organization, rather than the external business environment. Aside from a need to be aware of the external environment, the manager must also know the internal business environment –managers need to understand the strengths ad weaknesses of their organizations; they need to leverage resources. In order to do this they must know what they are and how they contribute to value creation and goal attainment. There…show more content…
Evaluate whether corporate success depends upon positioning an organisation in a favourable market environment or on unique resources. Should strategies be developed by looking outward to the external business environment or should they be developed by looking inward to the organizations resources? During 4 5 ORGANISATIONAL RESOURCES In the film clip, CEO John Melo discusses capabilities and what the organization can or could do. List and discuss resources and distinguish between resources and the capabilities of the organisation During CAPABILITIES: IDENTIFICATION AND EVALUATION Discuss how organizations might identify and evaluate key resources and capabilities During Page 3 Case media Stanford 's Entrepreneurship Corner - Case study © Dr Phil Kelly 2009 Answers... INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Relates to the culture and climate of an organisation and to the prevailing atmosphere surrounding the organisation. CAPABILITIES A company’s distinctive competencies to do something well and efficiently DYNAMIC CAPABILITIES the firm’s ability to integrate, build, and reconfigure internal and external competences to address rapidly changing environments ORGANISATIONAL CLIMATE Relating to the prevailing atmosphere surrounding the organisation, to the level of morale, and to the strength of feelings or belonging, care and goodwill among members.

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