Amy's Bread Case Study

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Amy’s Bread
Case Study Elements

1.) The primary case participants are: Amy Scherber, owner of Amy’s Bread
Toy Kim Dupree – manager of Amy’s Bread who is very involved in day to day operations and decision making. 2.) The organization is Amy’s bread. The industry is baked goods. 3.) The problems facing this organization in order of importance are: the existing workload is too great for space making product expansion impossible. They are at a threat of having customers turn away if they cannot provide the service. The location offers poor access to distribution and is a poor location for retail traffic should the organization try to move more toward sector. The employees face physically demanding challenges from the
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9.) Some of the advantages of my solutions are: the bakery will be able to maintain current operations with room for production expansion, moving to one larger location would eliminate the need for two locations, the bakery can convert existing product in to new retail market that will result in higher profit margins. Expansion will also allow the bakery to look consider and extension of their product line.

10.) Some of the possible problems with the recommendations are: with expansion, will the bakery be able to ensure the consistent quality that it has become known for? Will Amy be able to properly schedule more staff and afford to properly train new staff members? Will the higher cost of a new location make it difficult to be able to still purchase only quality ingredients? Will a higher cost still allow Amy to be able to offer above average salaries keeping turnover rate low? Amy Scherber should educate herself completely on the financial aspect of the expansion, set sales and financial projections and make sure that the cost of the investment will be worth the return she will get on it Also she needs to make sure that the baking techniques will stay in place, and need for trained personnel cannot change. In doing so this will assure that she will not compromise the reputation she has made for herself - the reputation that has made expansion necessary.
Amy’s Bread
Case Study
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