Essay on Amy's Bread

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Amy’s Bread

Strengths: Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit; Toy Kim Dupree-excellent right-hand manager; Already has about 50 wholesale customers, plus 30 on a waiting list; Company is finally turning a profit; Positive work environment (5 day work week, better pay than competition, benefits package, 401(k) plan, employees allowed to speak freely, low turnover); Retail business allows for higher profit margins, and now represents 25% of Amy’s business; Good niche product mix-high quality bread products, micro-bakeries; Makes herself available to the press/public, leads to word of mouth advertising; Can now secure bank financing due to Amy’s proven track record; Wholesale business (representing 75% of the business) is more stable than retail
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Objective: Amy’s Bread has seen steady growth over the last few years. This success has overextended both the employees and the warehouse space. Amy is looking to move operations to one of two locations: a building on 31st street, or one on 15th street. The 31st street location would allow Amy to expand her wholesale business and allow her to invest in a property instead of leasing. Amy should also look into adding a manager to allow her the time to focus on the overall business. Her most profitable bread lines are the high-priced breads, she should look into increasing the number of high-priced bread. Eventually, Amy should consider opening small retail locations in New York City.

Action Plan:
|Who |What(goal) |When |How |
|Amy Scherber and Toy Kim Dupree |Hire new assistant manager |3-6 mo. |Recommendations from Amy, Toy, or her |
| | | |business contacts. |
|Amy Scherber |Purchase 31st street location |3-6 mo. |Secure funding through bank loan, |
| | | |personal loan, and current savings to |

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