An Abrupt and Surprising Ending in The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence

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The Rocking Pig (An analysis of Abrupt, Surprising Endings) Life is a sudden gift, that is bestowed upon us in a magnificent way, with people all around us mostly for guidance and help, but with all of these gifts, there are tragedies. Even more sudden they come out of nowhere with enough malice to cause the death of thousands of people a day. This has become a very great trend for authors, the act of sudden disasters that will slap you in the face as you read them. In the story, “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence is a fantastic tale of how a small boy changes the terrible fate of his family by betting on horses. He was able to guess the winners of the horse races by rocking on his small wooden horse and picturing the winner which he was right, every time. He returned to his small poor household and gifted his mother, a partial sum of his money on every birthday she had for the next five years. But she refused it and wanted the whole sum all at once, he agreed and paid her the full amount, which she wanted even more. Finally, after his last bet, which he was barely able to come upon, a startling situation arises. The next passage, “Shocking Accident” by Graham Greene is an enthralling story of a young boy’s life of growing up without a father figure. This father who he had when he was a small child, who he idolized and dreamed of doing fantastic adventures. Soon his life is abruptly changed when he comes to find out that his father has been killed when

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