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An Abundance of Katherines In Relation with the Young Adult Fiction Genre Young adult fiction is a quickly developing genre of literature. The genre is typically marketed towards adolescents and young adults, however, it is enjoyed by a wide variety of people, including adults trying to experience youth again. Young adult fiction, also known as young adult literature, is written in a teenage language and writing style so the marketed readers can thoroughly understand it. The storyline is often full of relatable dilemmas teens face on a daily basis. Themes commonly presented in young adult fiction are usually controversial as teenagers learn things about the world and grow into adulthood. John Green’s novel, An Abundance of Katherines,…show more content…
Therefore, in the novel, the strong storyline is a vital component that keeps the readers turning the pages. The main character is an important aspect of the young adult fiction genre and is found within the novel, An Abundance of Katherines. In young adult fiction novels, the main character is often portrayed as smarter than the people surrounding them. (Donnelson and Nilson) Colin Singleton, for example, is a child prodigy in the novel and often points out the intellectual flaws in others, “So,’ she said. ‘You’re a genius?’ ‘I’m a washed up child prodigy,’ Colin corrected (Green 56).” The main character being seemingly smarter than everyone around them creates a feeling of interest within young adult fiction readers. Also, in young adult literature, the main character must grow and develop throughout the novel, typically from a teenager into young adulthood. (Bucher and Manning) Throughout his journey, Colin Singleton grows from a high school senior to a mature, working adult. (Green) Colin did not only grow physically but he gained knowledge of life and grew a few years intellectually. In the young adult fiction genre, the growth and maturity of main characters makes it easier for readers of all ages to relate and stay connected with the story. The novel, An Abundance of Katherines, displays the qualities of a main character required in a young adult fiction novel. Another vital component of the young adult fiction genre is
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