An Abusive Father and a Boy in a Zoo

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It’s been six years since Charles has worked at the Kansas City Zoo. Charles is 24 years old. He helps feed all of the animals and keeps their cages clean at the zoo. There are about 200 wild animals locked within the secure cages of the city zoo.
Charles doesn’t leave the zoo much. He lives within the zoo and is fed regularly by the kitchen there. He doesn’t socialize with the other workers except for the owner of the zoo how he talks to about once a month. They only talk for an hour about how things are going at the zoo and how he is taking good care of everything and that’s things couldn’t be better. Charles is living a normal single life being a zoo keeper and he’s content. When Charles was a little boy he grew up in a very abusive home. He would get beaten by his dad. The physical pain was something a boy could recover from, but the psychological abuse and no one to help him out was a deep scar for Charles. The only thing that kept his mind together was his grandmother. She was unaware of the abuse, but could she could see his loneliness. Charles grandmother did everything she could think of to keep this little boy happy. She would take him to the movies, to the park to play on the playground. Nothing came close to the happiness in Charles eyes than when he was at the local city zoo. He would enjoy watching with wild animals roaming around their cages captivated by the power and beauty of every animal there. This took Charles mind to a much simpler place that he
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