An Acceptable Use Policy ( Aup )

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IT541 Unit 2 Assignment Syed Monis Amin Kaplan University An acceptable use policy (AUP) is a document specifying restraints and performs that a user must agree to for access to a corporate network or the Internet” (techtarget, 2014, p.1). The purpose for administrations to have AUP is to observe; not overshadowing the facility as share of breaking any rule, not trying to disrupt he security of any computer network or user (techtarget, 2014). When employees anticipate of confidentiality with admiration to their practice of business computers, email systems and Internet connections (GFI, 2014). The most successful means of combating AUP is to monitor by a variety of means. The AUP should be widely dispersed and employees required to sign and admit their understanding. In addition to deliver employees during the association with clear explanation of the organization’s prospects. An accurately implemented AUP can help as a responsibility shield for the organization in the incident of misconduct by an employee, as well as a officially sanctioned source for corrective actions, including termination (GFI, 2014). It applies to employees and non-employees; contractors, third party vendors, temporary workers etc… because they all are part of the company and utilize company’s system and have access to company confidential and classified data. An administration’s data safety package will permit the administration and
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