An Accurate Historical Account of Alexander the Great in Flavius Arrianus Xenophon's The Campaigns of Alexander

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Flavius Arrianus Xenophon, also known as Arrian, author of “The Campaigns of Alexander,” is also well known throughout history for his educational connection with philosopher Epictetus. This book was meant to be Arrian’s master piece; his claim to fame. Arrian created “The Campaigns of Alexander,” to depict the life and times of Alexander the Great (July 20, 356-June 10, 323 BC). Today Arrian’s “The Campaigns of Alexander,” is considered one of his greatest pieces of work and is recognized historically for the accurate account of Alexander’s campaign. “The Campaigns of Alexander,” is separated into sections titled as books. These books or chapters begin at one and end with book seven. Each book showcases the actions of Alexander the…show more content…
The level of resistance from natives is not the only difficulty shown throughout India. The changing geography and environment introduced several new issues for Alexander the Great’s. Three mountainous holds considered to be unconquerable fell to the army of Alexander the Great. Although the resistance, geography and environment created more difficult defeats Alexander prevailed at the challenges. During a raid on Sogdiana the daughter of Oxyartes, Roxane, is captured. Alexander married her. As signs from the gods began to turn negative Alexander’s army became weary of their constant battling. To settle these weary feeling from his troops Alexander the Great gives a speech to inspire them. He promises to conquer the all of Asia although his promises fall short to the army as they decided to return.
The Indian Ocean is the next mission within Alexander’s view. Alexander sets out his boats down the Hydaspes along the way populations are defeated. The voyage down the Hydraotes comes to a stop when alexander the Great is wounded during an assault against the Mallians. Once, Alexander the Great is shown to be alive the voyage resumes. Moving throughout the water side several ships are lost to monsoons. As voyage reaches the Indian Ocean Alexander the Great celebrates with a sacrifice. As his next conquest becomes possible Alexander the Great moves into Persia; which will
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