An Acronym That Stands For Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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D.A.R.E. Essay

What is D.A.R.E.? D.A.R.E is an acronym that stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. In D.A.R.E. they teach us about how to resist any drug, or something that messes with the way the mind and brain works. We have learned many things throughout the D.A.R.E. program. I am about to tell you what I have learned in D.A.R.E. program, how I have used the D.A.R.E. Decision Making Model, and how I will use what I have learned in D.A.R.E. to make safe and responsible choices. I have learned many things in D.A.R.E. Some of them include how to make safe and responsible decisions by defining and assessing the problems and responding. One of the most important things I have learned in D.A.R.E. is communicating effectively. To communicate effectively you have to speak confidently and to not be unsure or demanding. You need to look someone in the eye and stand with a good posture when speaking. The second most important thing that is taught in D.A.R.E. is effective listening. Effective listening includes looking at someone when they are speaking to you and showing them that you are listening through verbal and nonverbal communication. In D.A.R.E, I also learned about the health effects of of tobacco and alcohol use. When a person is under the influence of alcohol, their brain and body are slowed down and this could cause loss of coordination, poor judgement, memory loss, loss of self control, and slow reflexes. Alcohol weakens the heart muscle and reduces the amount…
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