An Active Listener Is A Key Tool For Management And Upcoming Leaders

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I. Introduction
The key to knowing what is on a person mind are the conversations. I have always heard be an active listen. An active listener is a person who response to what is being said and not a premeditated response. A person will say do you hear me but the question is, “Are you listening?” The art of conversation is a key tool for management and upcoming leaders. In the book are sample script on what to say and how to say it. Conversation can make or break the teams moral or catapult your team to next level. It is so easy to focus on the past and the results of the past. The hardness job is changing the conversation from the past to spend majority of your conversion about the present and the future. Past results are the rubrics used to make decisions; the present and future has no manifested measurable results to make a conclusion. There are a few chapters will be discussed: tapping your most precious asset, making things happen, changing organizational culture, changing your image and conversation as a way of life.
II. Tapping your most precious asset
Your greatest asset as a leader is conversation. Conversation is two-fold you can use it to receive information or you can use to give information. When giving information it may be used to help individuals support your vision. Receiving information can used to assist with gaining information to benefit your mission.
Conversation includes speaking, listening, writing, reading, verbal and nonverbal behavior,
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