An Adaptive Intern At Tiger 's Gymnastics

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Challenges: One of the challenges as an adaptive intern at Tiger’s gymnastics is working with kids with a wide range of disabilities. Most of these disabilities I have never been introduced to before, and what I am learning is that the actives I do with one kid, might not be an option for another. The best method I have figured out, is to take things slow. I let the gymnast set the pace, and I react based off their confidence level and willingness to participate. A lot of the gymnasts I work with have limited verbal communication skills. How they express their wants or displeasure may come in the form of grunts, screams, or physical movement. Recognizing and deciphering these actions at times can be tricky. Giving the gymnasts plenty of notification on what we are going to do next, and paying attention to their body language when a request is given, seems to reduce the amount of times that they will panic or be unhappy with what is going on. One challenge that I have faced internally, is not being afraid to be goofy around the kids. At first, I was worried that acting silly would be embarrassing, but I quickly realized that it didn’t matter. The point is that the gymnasts have a good time and enjoy themselves, and not my own level of comfortability. Once I got over the fear embarrassed, I realized that all the coaches around me were doing the same thing, and nobody was paying attention at all minus my gymnasts who enjoyed my goofy and silly behavior. One aspect that I

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