An Addicted Brain

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During this modern era it is highly likely that individuals during adolescence will begin to corrupt their minds by abusing drugs , including tobacco , alcohol and many other illegal prescriptions. The reason behind abusing drugs may vary from person to person however the coure foundation lies beneath the desire for new experiences , an attempt to deal with stress or depression and also peer pressure. Even though individuals strive to seek peace or joy through harmful substances in an unhealthy manner , there can be very serious long term consequences. Yet , many individuals start using “light” drugs and move on towards abusing deadly drugs . The gateway theory demonstrates a Popular theory that when adolescence use cannabis , later in life…show more content…
It is sufficient to claim that Lewis. 2011. Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: A Neuroscientist examines his experience on drugs and concludes that individuals under estimate the relationship between science and personal dilemmas , between objectivity and subjectivity and notes his long lost search for productive engagement with science. Marc begins by illustrating the most vital component of the body and the role it plays in addiction , he states “This book shows how the fundamental workings of the brain are at the root of the problem, but from a unique vantage point. I use the events of my own life as a springboard to the addicted brain” (Lewis, 2011, p. 1) . Furthermore , Lewis identifies a link between science and autobiography. Marc invokes subjective experience similar to that of the climate scientist Latour as he observes sciences inability to resolve controversy by invoking the “institution” to substantiate his perspective. Marc believes that the foundation of scientific procedures as objective and impersonal ; I'm an expert on the matter from inside out and outside in, because I'm a drug addict turned neuroscientist. (Lewis, 2011, p.
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