An Admirable Spanish Novel, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel De Cervantes

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Don Quixote fully titled “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” is an admirable Spanish novel by an eminent novelist Miguel De Cervantes. Cervantes wrote many novels while in prison but unfortunately this was the only reputed work produced by him which became world’s first best seller and literature’s great masterpiece. It encompasses the history, culture and the general environment in Spain. According to me, this magnum opus became so high-flying because of its universally-recognized matchless idea of “Quixotism” (pursuits of lofty romantic ideas) combined with the innovative characters.
The concept of the novel is simple: Alonso Quijano (Don Quixote), landowner from La Mancha, is obsessed with his library of chivalrous books.
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The purpose of the book also pertains with the thought of Quixotism and the invention of characters. Clearly, it was to undermine the influence of the “vain and empty book of chivalry” in order to provide some merry and prudent material for reader’s entertainment. Although it is immaterial he did make a complete end to the further publications of chivalric romances. Cervantes himself wrote in the latter section of part 1, for chivalry,” offers wide and spacious window through which the pen may run without any hindrance.” Perhaps Don Quixote owes his genesis to these notions of his author. But as Cervantes launches his idealistic and possessed hero on a career open to public contempt, the possibilities of a many-leveled, kaleidoscopic theme may have become apparent very early if the characters were not incorporated in a beguiling way. The way he integrated his character not only helped him produce an idealistic effect on his work but also kept track of his idea of “Quixotism” in the quixotic environment created by Don Quixote all throughout the novel
So, while Cervantes is presenting a vivid ideology of “Quixotism” it was really requisite for him to have particular relationship with his characters as well as the reader and he did succeed in doing so. Don Quixote presents this interesting aspect of a novelist who learns and grows in coincidence with his own characters. As he lives with them and loves them, Cervantes investigates

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