An Adult Woman With Kids Requires An Awesome Amount Of Insanity

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"Going back to School, as an adult woman with kids requires an awesome amount of insanity." Imagine a job, which requires a 24/7 commitment, has no weekends, no vacations, can be called on work anytime in the day and all this at 0$ as remuneration. This job comes with a title called the as mother. Ask any student, he/she will tell you that being a student is the toughest job in the world. Juggling between the grades and credits, the classes and labs. Now consider a person doing both of these together. This is the life of a student mom. It is a challenge to understand that how a young mom balances both parenting and student life at the same time. Though few tricks and good management skills can make a student mom’s life much easier. Before talking about this problem let me tell a little bit about my personal life and background. I came to this country at the age of 28 years, after getting married. My husband works in technology industry in the valley. Getting married changed a lot of things for me, I left my country and a flourishing career to accompany my husband here. My career has always been important for me and I had this calling inside me to go, learn and rise in this land of opportunities. California State University provided me just the right path. Three years down the line, I am a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl. I am determined to give my daughter the best upbringing that is possible, just like my parents did it for me. Being a student mom, comes with

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