An Advanced Practice Nurse ( Apn )

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Almost every day an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) will feel the impact of policy and change in the healthcare field, from the institutional, local, community, state and national levels nurses have a responsibility to contribute to the discussion focused on healthcare improvement on all levels. Let’s first look at these issues on an institutional level, Often we are faced with changes in policy in our current roles , it could be a new policy or a revision to an old policy , it can be written or a unwritten “ understood policy” that everyone follows . We had one of these policies in our clinic, Uninsured or self-pay patients were routed to main campus clinics over 35 miles away because of their uninsured or self-pay status. This seemed unfair to the patient who might not have the same resources to go to the main campus due to the distance, however if her appointment was scheduled in our location she could catch the bus. The nursing staff questioned this policy, and researched the funding for indigent patients, we talked with a financial counselor who provided essential information regarding new programs to assist the uninsured patient’s .A meeting with the clinic medical director resulted unyielding support for changing this policy. This change may not seem that important but the nursing staff wondered how many patients had delayed care due to transportation difficulties due to the distance. In the past it was not uncommon for nurses to assist the…
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