An Advanced Seo Website Audit Checklist

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An Advanced SEO Website Audit Checklist Easy to download, print, and check off as you go. A Top Level Overview Test number of indexed web pages - Typically businesses want their homepage showing as the first indexed result. Test for organic landing pages - Google Analytics can help you determine if the number of organic search results corresponds with a site search. Check Google 's cache for top-preforming pages - You want to know that your web content is both indexed and displaying correctly. Test for the "mobile friendly" indicator – After Google’s deadline of April 21, 2015 for mobile compliance, those websites that are not mobile ready can expect to lose in search to competitors who do. Search for the brand and branded…show more content…
Scan for missing page titles and meta descriptions – If you use a web template to create a new page, it can be easy to forget to add unique page titles and meta data. Test Images Optimization – Image file names should reflect the pages’ keyword phrase, and alt tags should be optimized with the pages primary topic. Test for descriptive and optimized URLs – Getting your URLs keyword phrase rich the first time around avoids how changing your URLs can negatively impact traffic. Too many 301 can hurt. Only optimize web page URLs when the existing ones are truly ill serving. Test for too lengthy URLs - 115 characters or less is ideal while often shorter URLs generate better usability. Landing pages are optimized – Content needs to be balanced with a simple format and yet sufficient content to give search engines an understanding of what the page is about. Proper keyword targeting - Each landing page should match the intent behind the keyword search. Pages that target head terms, mid-tail, and long-tail keywords need to be balanced and avoid “keyword stuffing”. Test to avoid keyword cannibalization - Do a site check for important keyword phrases. Test Content value – The focus of the page should ensure that the content is of high value to users. While as the business owners want it to convert well, a focus on the users is best. Add in search engine optimized content and you will be leaps ahead. Web page
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