An Advertisement Is Used To Promote A Message Or A Product.

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An advertisement is used to promote a message or a product. Some examples of advertisements are commercials, images, and billboards. Many advertisements can have deeper messages behind them. An ad in 1945 by the Aluminum Cooking Utensil company is promoting a new aluminum pressure cooker , but targets married housewives by manipulating them into thinking the product will help them keep their husbands happy. The top half of the advertisement is an image of a women holding a man 's face to kiss him while he happily reads a newspaper that states “ Is there a man in your life?”. Directly underneath the main image are three smaller squared images with scenarios on how the Wear-Ever pressure cooker would help a woman 's relationship. The…show more content…
One recurring rhetorical feature is the use of pathos. For example, the three small squared images in the middle of the advertisement create scenes of happiness. The first image explains that the pressure cooker would make her significant other believe she is “pretty wonderful”. The second scenario explains that her husband would bring her presents because she can cook the tastiest foods with the pressure cooker while still looking pretty. The last scenario explains that with the pressure cooker a woman can save money on food and use the extra money to spend on her husband to keep him happy. Every woman in a relationship wants to be happy and these images play on that idea. It directly shows examples of what the pressure cooker can do if used in the household. Also, the first question the
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