An Advertisement Of The American Comedy Drama Television Series Entourage

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This paper explores an advertisement found in March 2015 edition of Nylon Guys magazine (page 13), for denim apparel falling under the Buffalo David Bitton (BDB) brand. In the advertisement, Adrian Grenier, a celebrity best known for his lead role in the TV series Entourage, endorses BDB’s denim apparel, wearing their jeans and a denim jacket. BDB was founded in 1985 in Montreal and today it is an industry leader offering denim clothing in 18 countries and spanning 3000 locations throughout the world. In North America the brand can be found in many department stores, including the Hudson’s bay company, Bloomingdales and Macy’s. The brand appeals to fashion savvy men and women aged 18 - 34 who are innovators seeking effortless style as well as substance. Given this orientation, Grenier is an ideal celebrity for an advertising endorsement. The American comedy-drama television series Entourage, which concluded in 2011 after eight seasons, chronicles Grenier as Vincent Chase as he ventures into Los Angeles California as an enviable celebrity along with some of his childhood friends. The role Grenier plays is quite fitting as he exudes laid back confidence as a ladies man and the clear leader of his friend group. Interestingly, not only is Grenier a celebrity for playing Vincent Chase, but the character Vincent Chase within the show is a celebrity looking for movie roles. Grenier thereby owns two separate layers of celebrity image by virtue of one character. In the black

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