An Advocacy Action Plan Called Nutritionists And Healthy Lunches

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Nowadays, more children in the United States are struggling with obesity. According to the Obesity Rates and Trends (2015), “5 percent of 6-to-11-years-olds are severely obese” (para. 2). Since we discovered such information, we decided to follow Big Idea ten which states, “Primary education (six to eight years) must be designed to meet the unique development of children this age” (Couchenour & Chrisman, 2011, p. 276). We created an advocacy action plan called Nutritionists and Healthy Lunches (N.H.L). In this action plan, we advocate that elementary schools should hire at least two nutritionists. The nutritionists would go into each classroom at least once a week for about twenty minutes. Throughout these twenty minutes, they would inform the students of healthy and unhealthy food choices. In the mornings and afternoons, the nutritionists would allow families to create appointments with them. During these appointments, the nutritionists would provide the parents ways and ideas to help their children eat healthier foods at home. In our action plan, we also advocate to serve healthier school lunches to children because they are still being exposed to unhealthy foods, such as the round pizzas and garlic cheese flat breads. Benefits Children can gain several benefits from the Nutritionists and Healthy Lunches plan. With the help of the nutritionists, the children would become more aware of the dangers of continuously consuming unhealthy foods. For instance, the children would

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