An African American Family Struggles with Racism in A Raisin in the Sun by by Lorraine Hansberry

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A Raisin in the Sun was written by Lorraine Hansberry and is a play about an African American family who are struggling in the 1950’s to keep the family together. Although the play is portrayed in the 50’s many issues like the economy, racism, and family dynamics the characters had to face; these issues are still issues in the 21st century. “So money is life... things have changed”- Mama Pg. 75. In the quote Mama is surprised that money has the power to make or break the world; and more importantly that it has such a strong grip on her son Walter. I can see Walters’s displeasure when he is denied the money needed to fund his liquor store by Mama. The economic status of most Blacks in the 1950’s was poor; most had jobs in the service…show more content…
The Stock Market determines how many people have jobs and how many things are available at one time; it can also determine the type of jobs we currently need or have. One example from the past concerning the Stock Market is the Great Depression; where everyone was suffering, there was no jobs or economical stability. This was near the writing of the play by about twenty years; so Mama would have seen it and experienced the hardship during that time period. One present example of this is the 2008 Recession; it was the worst global economic meltdown since the Great Depression. In conclusion the economy will decide the social status of individuals, the jobs of our society and overall the Stock Market of our world. “Our Negro families are happier when they live in their own communities” – Mr. Linder Pg.100. In the quote Mr. Linder is expressing his organizations dislike of Blacks; like most of people in the 50’s, Mr. Linder was degrading a group of people on exterior appearances. In the play you can see hints of racism and gender discrimination from Walter when he asked Beneatha why she isn’t a nurse or maid instead of striving to become a doctor. Racism has been a long hard for Black community and other minority groups in the world. A Raisin in the Sun never gives the slightest hope of racist views ever being lifted. Over time the stain of
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