An Age Dominated By Logic And Reason

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In an age dominated by logic and reason, a new movement would spring up taking the world by storm. The movement is known as Romanticism, and would replace logic with emotion and reason with the sublime. It was a response to how cold, bitter, and hollow living life based solely on logic was. Among the many artists, novelists, and poets that championed the movement, was a painter by the name of Joseph Mallord William Turner. J.M.W Turner is remembered for works such as The Fall of an Avalanche in the Grisons, Snow Storm-Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth and Tintern Abbey, whose location was the subject of a poem by William Wordsworth. Tintern Abbey is one example of how Romantics adored nature and perceived it as a divine entity. The bulk of Turner’s training came from the Royal Academy schools. He was taught at the Plaster Academy at fourteen and the Life Class at seventeen (Barker). Later, his devotion to the academy would lead to him teaching there (Thornberry 98). However, while Turner was a master painter, he was not a master speaker. When it came to his speech, he was described as “confused” and “tedious”, and when he was lecturing, he was “often at a loss to find words to express the ideas he wished to communicate” (Thornberry 105-107). It can be argued that his art was a better medium for Turner to communicate his extraordinary ideas than his tongue. When it came to painting, J.M.W. Turner was extremely dedicated to his work and eccentric in his approach to art. When

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