An Age Of Creativity And Innovation

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The 1920’s and 30’s were an age of creativity and innovation. New improvements were especially common in the art of film-making. Animation in film was introduced. Walt Disney, through his innovations in color, realistic designs, and use of sound, revolutionized the motion picture animation industry. Walter Disney was born December 5, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois, to Elias and Flora Disney. He had four older brothers, Herbert, Raymond and Roy, and a younger sister, Ruth. The Disney family moved to a farm near the small town of Marceline, Missouri, when Walt was four years old. Walt started drawing as a very young boy, often getting him into some kind of trouble. His family was on the move again, and made their new home in Kansas City in 1911. Walt took Saturday classes at the Kansas City Art Institute. After Walt graduated from the seventh grade, his family moved back to his birth place, Chicago. He started drawing cartoons for his high school newspaper and attended night classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, where he realized his aptitude for drawing caricatures and cartoons. Walt stated years later, “[This was] no doubt the turning point in my whole career” (qtd. Gabbler 34). After high school, he found a job in a factory, and later became a mail carrier. Multiple times, Walt and his friends tried to enlist in the military during World War I, but they were turned away for being too young. After talking his mother into signing off on his fabricated age, he enlisted in…
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