An Age Of Modern Marketing

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Advertising began to take form in the 1950 's and the 1960’s as the age of modern marketing began to rise. In the 1960 's, great economic changes took place the influenced how the marketers in large agencies advertising products to the general public. Beginning with the creative revolution, modern marketing formed itself to cater both the changing economy and the general public. Many companies followed the trend of branding, which is forming a distinction between two similar products produced by separate companies, to maintain the competitive edge. This caused advertising agencies, such as J. Walter Thompson and Doyle Dane Bernbach, to adapt new forms of advertising that included the greater use of commercials and the introduction of various company spokes characters. While modern marketing had its beginning in the 1950 's, the 1960 's were a pivotal decade in modern marketing because the changing economy, social conditions, and war efforts caused advertising agencies to generate different advertising campaigns that targeted various demographics as well as methods that are still in practice by advertising agencies in today 's market. The 1960’s were a decade of economic changes. The economy became progressively grew as a more competitive market as the 1950’s declined. Much of this competition was attributed to the baby boomer generation who was nearly fifty percent of the population under twenty-five years old. While demands for certain products rose a the baby boomer
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