An Age Of Reform Swept

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An age of reform swept through our nation due to the unfairness that was happening in our country. Many people fought for change for themselves and for others that involved problems like alcohol and humane treatment for the insane. The radicals did their best for what they thought was right and changed our country for the better. There were costs and benefits to many movements, groups, and radical individuals who sought change between 1840 and 1877. They created conflict, chaos, and changes that played a part in making many reforms for their era. One such group that created a change was the American Temperance Society which was found in 1826. The American Temperance Society directed its efforts to redeeming not only habitual drunkards but also the occasional drinker (Foner 440). By the 1830s they believed that they had changed the minds of hundreds of thousands of Americans to give up on alcohol. By 1840, the consumption of alcohol per person had fallen to less than half the level of a decade earlier (Foner 440). The benefit of this change came with a cost, the temperance crusade and other reform movements aroused considerable hostility (Foner 441). Horace Mann who was a lawyer and a Whig politician was the leading education reformer for his era. Mann hoped that universal public education could restore equality to a fractured society by bringing the children of all classes together in a common learning experience and equipping the less fortunate to advance in the social
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