An Age Of Wisdom And Clarity

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Everyone in the United States has had some sort of interaction with a person from the church, at a church, in a church and has seen countless images of Jesus in various states of crucifixion to constantly remind you of his sacrifice, a promise to you that you are forgiven and you have a place in heaven. Now, this essay is not for everyone, some people cannot function without a crutch, or life is so bad this is the only escape from reality that is possible, this essay is for those who like me as a child was so confused about the Christian religion, but could never isolate those reasons until entering an age of wisdom and clarity.
His Birth
Jesus’s birth story is known by us all in some form or other. His birth is celebrated in countless songs, and festooned, mangered, and otherwise decorated to include gifting friends and family. Amen.
Beginning this story and journey wise men, most say three, correlated by the three extravagant gifts. Three wise men followed a star which took them to the palace of King Herod, where the King said he had heard the Lord’s baby was born in Bethlehem. Grabbing up the gifts befitting a heavenly child, the men head off to Bethlehem to find the Christ child. Quickly these wise men traverse to Bethlehem and discover the Christ child in a manger with his mother, and the guy married to his mom. Everyone can see a manger with its clean straw mother and husband around a baby with animals and three guys with presents.
Even this little
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