An Agency Producer : A Project Manager

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Introduction Advertising agencies consist of many different departments working together to achieve a client’s desired result. Keeping all departments on budget and within the timeframe is the agency producer’s job. An agency producer follows a project from the starting point all the way to the end when it is delivered to the client.
An agency producer is sometimes referred to as project manager, production manager, or account manager (F. Morales, personal communication, November 5, 2015). But these roles are different, a project manager focuses more on the planning of the project, a production manager focuses on the execution of the plan, and an account manager is the sole contact for the clients and ensures the project is on costs and budget. An agency producer is a role that combines all three avoiding any complications and allowing for fast decision making. (Burgoyne, 2014)
Tasks and responsibilities An agency producer represents the customer throughout the workflow of creating promotional products and advertisement. They follow the project from inception to completion with the responsibility of keeping the project on time, and on the budget. They are also in charge of making sure the product meets the customer’s expectation and quality. (F. Morales, personal communication, November 5, 2015) The agency producer will work closely with both the creative and the technical team to create a plan. Then will keep checking in on the creative team through the design process…

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