An Agitated Presidency : What Really Influenced Andrew Jackson 's Notorious Term? Essay

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An Agitated Presidency: What Really Influenced Andrew Jackson’s Notorious Term?
When one thinks about the tile of First Lady of the United States, images of Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, and Michelle Obama begin to materialize. In today’s world, the title can be associated with the President’s wife working eloquently towards the good will of the United States either through social services, community service, and even through getting children active within our schools. Additionally, the First Lady of the United States is rarely under the scope of scrutiny. However, in 1828, with the election of President-Elect Andrew Jackson, the First Lady-Elect Rachel Jackson was regarded entirely different. The campaign that allowed for Andrew Jackson against the incumbent, John Quincy Adams, was a very robust campaign that allowed for Jackson to gain control of the executive, but only after he was tainted with sorrow. Because of the fierce campaign ran by John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson charged him for the death of his beloved wife. Therefore, because of the harmful campaign rhetoric against Rachel Jackson deeming her as a bigamist, the extreme sorrow that Jackson has for his wife after her death, and ultimately the apprehension and anxiety that came about as a result of her death, Andrew Jackson has gone down as one of the most notorious presidents in American History.
In order to understand how much of an influence the death of Jackson’s wife was to his term, it is important to
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